20 April 2011

The following article caught my eye a few weeks ago: Subway Set to Overtake McD’s in Omnipresence. As I am trying to learn a little bit of ggplot2 (and loving it so far!) I thought it would be fun to try and create some visuals to go with this claim.

I used one of Microsoft’s restaurant datasets and do a simple substring match on “subway”, returning the latitude and longitude. Using the following lines of ggplot and R code

states <- data.frame(map("state", plot=FALSE)[c("x","y")])
colnames(states) <- c("Lon","Lat")
ggplot(states, aes(x=Lon, y=Lat)) + geom_path() + geom_point(alpha=0.6,size=0.3,data=subway)

we get a cool picture showing all of the metropolitan areas of the United States.

Image 1

If you click on the image to zoom in you will be able to discern major highways as well. Subway is literally everywhere.