14 September 2010

What drives a man to change the name of his blog? A trademark dispute? A mid-life crisis? None of those actually! After three amazing years, I am exchanging the amazing machine learning group for an exciting new adventure with Microsoft FUSE Labs. As I am writing this, my laptop is crunching away at the last few experiments to be included in my thesis while a printed version of my thesis text is awaiting final editing.

Image 1

It has been an interesting few months as I was debating moving into a post doc or evaluating all the amazing opportunities that were available in industry: in the end I decided to join FUSE Labs as an applied researcher. FUSE Labs is an incubation lab at Microsoft that sits in between Microsoft Research and the product groups. My new job allows me to collaborate with people (in or outside of Microsoft) on research while giving me the freedom to also spend time building working prototypes and demo’s. As far as I am concerned: the perfect mix of science and engineering.

Although I will soon be a graduate student no more, I don’t want this blog to die but rather take it to the next level. The foreseeable future will involve more experiments on machine learning, data mining and information processing and I should be able to report much of this to everyone who cares to listen!

welcome to www.informaniac.net and stay tuned …