26 September 2008

Hot from the presses, the full list of NIPS 2008 accepted papers are out. I quickly browsed through the papers and can say I am looking forward to these:

Cognitive Science

  • Analyzing human feature learning as nonparametric Bayesian inference, J. Austerweil, T. Griffiths
  • Depression: an RL formulation and a behavioural test, Q. Huys, j. vogelstein, P. Dayan
  • Modeling human function learning with Gaussian processes, T. Griffiths, C. Lucas, J. Williams, M. Kalish
  • Modeling the effects of memory on human online sentence processing with particle filters, R. Levy, F. Reali, T. Griffiths Neuroscience
  • Characterizing neural dependencies with Poisson copula models, P. Berkes, F. Wood, J. Pillow
  • Dependent Dirichlet Process Spike Sorting, J. Gasthaus, F. Wood, D. Gorur, Y. Teh Machine Learning
  • Gates, T. Minka, J. Winn: the next big thing in graphical models?
  • Non-stationary dynamic Bayesian networks, J. Robinson, A. Hartemink
  • Nonparametric Bayesian Learning of Switching Linear Dynamical Systems, E. Fox, E. Sudderth, M. Jordan, A. Willsky: some of which we’ve seen at the NPBayes 2008 workshop
  • The Mondrian Process, D. Roy, Y. Teh: some of which we’ve seen at the NPBayes 2008 workshop